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Let it snow…

That’s exactly how positively an owner of a snow blower thinks during our snowy winter months. The first snow always comes unexpectedly and one beautiful morning, a thick layer of snow will be covering Your entire garden and Your driveway. On a moment like that, You can congratulate yourself for being an owner of a snow blower. Or regret that You are not. A snow blower solves Your problems with snow and directs the snow to where You want it to be. From Reginett, you can find a snow blower that is just right for you. Enjoy the winter!

Why a Snow Blower?

There are different ways for removing snow: a shovel, a snow blade, waiting for spring. One thing is for sure: with a snow blower you can remove the snow from the desired area quickly and without effort. During the winter, a snow blower or “snow thrower” is a very necessary if not the most important tool in the household.  The biggest advantage that a snow blower has over a snow blade or a snow shovel, is that it does not create snow berms, rather it distributes the snow with a high throwing capacity in the desired direction. Secondly, a decent snow blower is capable of “breaking through” 30-40 cm snow berms and has therefore been a very sought after tool in the past winters.

What Are the Characteristics of a Decent Snow Blower?

  • Working width that is suitable for the planned work and a reliable engine with sufficient spare power.
  • Locking differential with the capability of separately releasing traction on the wheels (significantly eases manouverability).
  • Adjustable back and forth movement speed.
  • Sturdy frame and a strong auger that rests on bearings.
  • Snow auger with oil reduction drive.
  • Skid shoes with adjustable height.
  • Easily adjustable and fixable deflector direction.